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4 lanning road near Dagshai got Nod

To undertake the four-laning of the National Highway (NH)-22 on defence land near Dagshai cantonment, the Defence and Road Transport and Highways Ministries have granted permission to the NHAI
NHAI officials said “ six-month period given to conduct a joint survey wherein officials of defence, revenue and NHAI would assess the financial implications of acquiring about 22 acres near Dagshai”.
The decision to take over it was taken at a meeting of an inter-ministerial group in Delhi on February 21.
The joint survey will work out the financial implications of acquiring the land which includes a vehicle workshop and the existing road. The government will have to locate a suitable land where the workshop can be relocated.
Permission had granted on certain conditions and it paved the way for widening the road near Dagshai, officials revealed.
The four-laning which began in September 2015 is yet to proceed smoothly as various hurdles like arbitration on award of land and delay in acquiring private structures have made it difficult to execute the work speedily. The work is proceeding in bits and pieces and axing of about 7,500 trees is yet to be completed.
Only 12 per cent of the work has done yet , thus the total work is to complete by March 2018. Though officials are hopeful in completing the work on time, the acquisition of land is far from over and its timely completion looks unlikely.

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