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6 panchayats ban liquor

Six panchayats of the Seraj constituency in Mandi have come forward to ban liquor at marriages and other social functions.
This was a good initiative taken up by the mahila mandals and the locals on the eve of the International Women’s Day.
The panchayats also decided to stop illicit production and sale of liquor in their areas for which they passed a resolution to ban liquor.
Tharjune Panchayat pradhan Jabna had mooted a proposal to ban liquor at marriages and other social functions, which got resistance from a section of society.
Thereafter, Sunah Lambathach, Baga Chanogi, Chieuni and Pakhrer gram panchayats also followed it and they passed a resolution to ban it completely in their respective areas.
District panchayat officer Girish Summra said it was a good initiative as now other panchayats would also follow it.

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