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Is your achaar good or bad?

Is your achaar good or bad?

Remember when we were young and our grandmothers used to load our white rice with ghee and that did not make us fat. Nutritionist today say that the right amount of milk, ghee and dairy products is not what makes you fat instead it increases the rate of your metabolism says the nutritionist of Kareena Kapoor.

And if you think that having that piece of achaar is a big deal, think again because it really is not. Achaar that are homemade have no artificial preserves and are uncooked thus retaining all the nutrition of the raw vegetables and fruits with them. The spices added in these achaar increases the nutritional value of the vegetables and also make it tastier.


No having said that the ready-made pickles you pick up from the stores based on their variety and tastes are really not ideal for consumption. They contain more than enough oil, and preserves which can lead to cholesterol and weight gain. Therefore the homemade pickles are the best; you can control the flavour the content of oil. You can also make water based pickles with no preserves or oil at all!


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