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It’s really challenging to stay single nowadays and affairs are a tough one to manage. Defining relationships is much harder. Individuals are stuck in between the non existent relationship limbo while the lonely wanderers are not aware of the following facts discovered by experts on relationships. According to the studies by Lisa Daily most couples get into an “ exclusive” phase after 6 to 8 dates but there’s no telling when the exclusivity is right. Daily also reports that women take longer to know if they have fallen for someone while men know it as soon as three dates. The next big step is to understand the raging hormonal change inside your body while observing the opposite sex and people, According to the Psychologists at UPenn, know within 3 seconds if they are going to get intimate with the other person. Obviously looks matter and 57% women state that they judged the guy with their body language and self presentation. This is a problem for overweight individuals and skinny ones are positively pointed out. Only 38% said they judged guys on how they speak and a very low 7% listened to what he actually said. To approach,traditionally, is a man’s work. But according to a polling by Match.com, 91% of men who use the site are comfortable with a women asking them out. This must be difficult on patriarchy. Independency is very important to women and they demand for a much higher need for personal space with 93% agreeing to this compared to 81% of men.Divorces shorten the male life expectancy by almost 4 years. Breakups are hard and to make it a easier one,it should be done during the first 5 month period as things are not as serious as they might get later on and if one started dating online, one can end the relationship through the same medium. On the positive front,3.75 million couples are in a long distance relationship which is an upside to a successful relationship stats. Everybody has this phenomenal belief to go with their guts in order to find a new soulmate, but female guts work way harder as females fall in love more than men do. So if many of you aren’t looking for trouble , a more uncomplicated solution is to buy a ship and name it relation rather than diving into one.

Credits: Lakshita Sharma

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