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Artiste portrays innovative radiances at McLeodganj Art Campaign

As happiness lies in the joy of achievement similarly creativity lies in the thrill of efforts, same could be seen in a week long art campaign at McLeodganj where diverse wall artiste portrays their creativeness.
The event was organised at the Hotel Hills Heaven on the Dharamkot Road, Mecloadganj by Nijh World Society in association with North Central Cultural Zone, an organisation under the union ministry of culture.

Nearly dozen of artists from North East India took part in the camp held to inspire artists with beauty and essence of nature. Nishat Rehman, Delhi-based visual based artist and passionate travel photographer created wall painting which immerses everyone over there.
Harishansha the organiser of the camp said,” The artists have created live paintings in the camp”.
Every year, Nijh World Society brings artists, art lovers, curators and critiques together to share experience and for creating artworks. The society also promotes artisans from all walks of life to exhibit their work.

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