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Bird watcher park demands in Chamba

Ensconced in the gorge of the fast-flowing Ravi River, the valley of honey and milk is an enticing old town with some stunning shrine, a good museum and bustling markets. But now, the Chamba Welfare Association has reiterated its demand for setting up a bird watcher park around the Suhi Mata temple.
A proposal has already been submitted to the Chief Conservator of Forests, Himachal Pradesh, by the association.
The chamber was founded in AD 920 when Raja Sahil Varman moved his capital here from Bharmour, and it remained the capital of the Chamba kingdom until the merger with India in 1947, though under British control from 1846. Champs de facto Centre is the large grassy field known as the Chowgan, a focus for festivals, cricket games, picnics and general hanging out.

RK Mahajan, President, suggests that a hillock is to be converted into a birdwatcher park. Plantation of wild fruits like apricot, ‘kainth’, ‘sunjal’, ‘darek’, ‘amlook’, ‘alubukhara’, ‘kahu’, ‘phagoora’, ‘dhaman’, ‘daru’, ‘trimbal’, ‘karoon’, ‘kharak’ and shrubs like ‘kashmal’, wild cherry, ‘akhrey’, gooseberry, bushes and creepers having large biomass, the area would provide habitat for birds.
Meanwhile, TS Bharmouri, Forest Minister, has also ordered the forest officials to take immediate action on this proposal but since last year nothing has been done so far.

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