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Breathtaking place In Himachal got Rs 17crore in pocket

Enclosed by the snowy mountains in the facade, Thud River and Great Himalayan National Park in flipside, Tirthan valley in Himachal Pradesh got Rs 17 crore in a pocket to spend on the construction of roads.
To get escape from the crowded areas, Tirthan valley is the best place to relax in a serene environment. Situated only around 50 KM away from Kullu, the lush green valley brings you a host of adventure activities, including but not limited to, overnight camping, riverside bonfire, trout fishing and bird watching. It is also the base for exploring the diversified wildlife of the Great Himalayan National Park.
For such a beautiful place, Ayurveda and Cooperative Minister Karan Singh not only mentioned that a detailed project report for Batahar-Shill-Sharungrar road, Nagladinala-Gramghat road and Gushaini-Tindar road but has also flagged off a Banjar-Kotla bus on the occasion.
Rs 60 lakh would be spent on tarring of Banjar-Batahar road and also proposed bridges in Gushaini and Tung for which work is about to start.
Work on the drinking water schemes worth Rs 3 crore in the Tirthan valley was underway. A primary school would be opened in Barnagi village next month and vacancies in educational institutions and health centres would be filled soon.
To improve signals, BSNL authorities would give direction in the Tirthan valley. A footbridge on the Palachan rivulet in Gushaini built with a cost of Rs 10 lakh, he added.

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