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Bringing colors into the life

Everyone celebrates Holi with their families, relatives, and friends but few out of them celebrates with those innocent who want to paint their lives with the color of joy and happiness. Despite all that, they missed the most important color, parental love, required in the life of any child that fate ran off with when they were born.
The Durgapur Ashram Children at Baldia near Mashobra also celebrated the festive with great joy and enthusiasm by bringing the feeling of love and closeness among each other.

Every year the All Mighty blessing NGO comes with a mixed bag of emotions and plays Holi with these innocents and gives them gifts. This year also the Ngo teams with Booby Bhaiya came and rejoice with 36 kids who still waiting for their parents to celebrate festive with them.
To make innocents laugh for while, the artist Munish and his team also joined NGO and portray a play which is based on brotherhood.

Talk of Holi glimmer a happiness of delight on faces of eight -year-old Puja said “Holi Mujhe ache lagti hai Kyun ki hum color lagatay hai (I love to play Holi because on this day we paint faces of other with different colors). I would paint a face of my friends here. And Booby bhaiya ( NGO owner commonly known among the children) would get color for us.”

The festive is full of colors and little child has big future plans. “I want to be a doctor so that I can earn a lot of money to purchase plenty of colors,” Anita 4 years – old said. As she finished her sentence, her friends laughed loudly, leaving the hall filled with peels of laughter.

Bobby bhaiya (Sarbjeet Singh) never disappoint these children. Every year on each festive he came with his family and spend some time with them. He and his friends join these children and celebrate every occasion. “We have made arrangements of special dishes, cakes and different gifts for the children. Dishes would be served to them in the afternoon” Singh said.
Short message to all
“Life is short and unpredictable so take out some time and rejoice with these innocents. Give few sparkling radiance on their faces and see how your celebration become special that could be beyond your imagination”.
Few more pics of Durgapur ashram at Mashobra on eve of Holi

NGO Team and their friends rejoicing with children’s

Children celebrating Holi with cake

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