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How to drink your coffee wisely

1. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners And Refined Sugar This trick may seem obvious, but you would be shocked to learn just how many popular versions of coffee are loaded with artificial sweeteners and refined sugar 2. Avoid Artificial Creamers Almost as bad as artificial sweeteners, artificial creamers are packed with a ...

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The Science behind the Belief System

Introduction A new born child is blessed with a fresh mind, open to receive anything the world has to present. He is an empty cup, full of happiness and freshness. As an empty vessel can be filled with water, sand, stones or all of them, so do the child’s mind. What the child ...

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Why you should eat coconut oil?

IT’S A LONG TERM, WEIGHT LOSS GODSEND Scientists have known about coconut’s ability to help blast fat for decades. A study published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health back in 1985 proved that a single injection of capric acid (which abounds in coconut oil) resulted in “initially rapid, ...

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Patrols to ward monkeys off

Grappling with the challenge to control the burgeoning monkey population in Shimla and their rampant attacks on humans, the forest department of Himachal Pradesh has now set up patrols to ward them off. The department has set up two dozen monkey patrols to protect citizens who are reportedly fearful of ...

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