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Employment generation for the millions

The biggest worry for the government and general public is the prevailing unemployment in the country and how to bridge the gap in coming years to meet the expectation of the people. This is the world of opportunities and right analysis of prevailing economic and business environment in the country and world with the scientific planning and managerial tools we can achieve the employment for all by adopting the suitable business models and skill up gradation programme backed by innovative research and world class technologies. Our country has demand of manpower in all the sectors of economy but every sector is to be studied by experts and proper projections and cost benefit analysis is to be made. While designing manpower absorption strategies the central point has to be the self sustainability and empowerment of the employers, employee and government.
We will take up individual sectors for in depth analysis. We have to take up those sectors first where we have competitive advantages internationally and we can earn foreign exchange as well. A health care sector which currently employs 3.8 million people has a potential to employ another 13 million people by 2022. Private health care contribute 75% of the indian health care industry which is seeing 13-14 % annual compounded growth rate. One 500 bedded hospital creates direct and indirect employment to 2500 people. Medical tourism presently contributes 25% of the revenue of private health care industry,we are attracting 5 lakh international patients annually which is likely to triple in 5 years if we make concerted efforts. Investment will flow from private individuals but govt. has to play the proactive role by increasing the seats in govt. and private medical colleges and paramedical institution and make the curriculum of world standard and further strengthen the regulatory bodies like Mci,Dci and others. The growth of this sector is technologically driven and Telemedicines,laser technology,robotic surgeries,anti natal diagnosis,stem cell therepy,regenerative medicines ,bio technologies and non invasive treatment are the potential areas which need a focuss. In this sector we are compatatively placed in the world and immediate gains are possible without much of the investment from the government.
The pharmaceutical sector is the other allied sector where again we are comfortably placed and the medicines produced in our country is the cheapest in the world. Now to capture the world markets we have to give thrust to research and innovation and upgrade the existing facilities to the world standards. We have to promote the herbal and medicinal plants cultivation to increase the organic component of the existing medicines. This will create employment to the local communities and farmers and economically empower them at their place and we can make innovative and effective medicines for exports and domestic consumption. The herbal products offer the big scope in regenerative medicines and beauty products. Certain forests produce and herbs are being used by our people from centuries we have to make the data bank of ancient remedies after proper research and empirical studies.Since our exports are showing two digit growth and domestic demand is also encouraging, this sector could also create 2 to 3 million jobs in ten years. Traditional and ancient system of medicines are to be studied and researched so as to have some break through. The new frontiers like developing the genetically modules foods which have medicinal properties and better absorption by the body.
The sector which could create employment and empower our farmers and bring economic prosperity of rural india is to make our country as a food hub of the world. The WTO conference in Bali has opened new avenues. The international trade will zoom by 960 billion dollars and there will be a saving of 1000 billion dollars in existing trade. Here again we have some advantages like we are the largest producers of the milk in the world, we are the second largest exporter of the rice . Now we have to concentrate on the high value food exports after processing and value addition. We have large Diaspora all over the world they are our willing customers and ambassadors. We have to lay emphasis on organic farming,, aquaculture, fruit processing, vegetables processing, meat processing, poultry and others after getting GI patents. We have to maintain the cold chains and international packaging standards so that we can make cooked ,,semi cooked and raw food available all over the world. We can process the foods as per the tastes and demand of international community since we have cost advantages in labour and growing costs.
Manufacturing sector is showing sign of revival but lot is yet to be done in this sector. Though we have lot of minerals and metals in our country but the exploring technologies are obsolete and we have to import minerals like coal from abroad in spite of having comfortable reserves. Our thermal plants could not work on their full capacity for want of coal. We need to invest in mining and coal washeries and use the world class technologies to lower the cost of production. There is a resistance on the part of trade unions to fully mechanise the mining operations because they fear that jobs will be lost. But govt. should assure them and upgrade their skills in house for the absorption as per the new skills required. The industrial infrastructure is to be further strengthened by providing necessary impetus to power, water and transport solutions. The railways are to be made more efficient by inviting private sector to invest in goods carriage in suitable economic models which are to the benefit of railways, investors and public at large. New railway lines are to be developed in BOT and PPP mode. New ports are to be developed and existing ports capacity is to be increased by involving the private capital. The companies working in the same line of business should be encouraged to invest in research centers collectively. The research er should work on the new products development, improving existing products and on lowering the cost of production to make the products competitive in national and international markets. Product design, packaging and marketing is to be based on innovative techniques. The factory environment is to be employees friendly and required facilities are to be provided to employees to get best out of them .Skill up gradation and trainings for all kind of employees should be regular feature, this will make employees more involved and interested in their jobs. India has a huge potential in automobiles, heavy machinery, textiles, food processing and chemical industry, Petroleum refining extra. Manufacturing sector can grow in two digits per year and can give a needed thrust to our economy. We should aim at creation of 50 lakh jobs in this sector in coming two years.
Infrastructure sector is lagging behind and its tardy growth is affecting other sectors of our economy. We need to lay down the infrastructure all over the country in the shape of roads, railways, airports, ports in transport sector. These projects are to be taken with missionary zeal by involving public money in business models. New aviation policy unveiled by the govt. has targeted 400% growth in passenger traffic over the period of five years from the current 8crore to 30 crore. The expenditure of rupees 100 in this sector create rupees 325 for economy. If we lay down the network of green field and brown field airports in the country this could create 2million jobs in civil aviation and allied sectors and will recharge the economy of these areas. Similarly investment in high ways,railways and ports will create 10 million jobs over the period. To reap the benefit of infrastructure development we have to make the strategies to use the resources of the area for the empowerment of people in these areas by scientific exploitation of local resources, so as to create employment and check migration from rural areas. We have to go in for the economic integration of the villages and small towns by following bottom up and top-down approach.
Service sector is contributing more than55% to our national economy but the development of this sector is mainly concentrated in big cities, since India lives in villages we need to develop this sector in rural areas by increasing the services in sectors like health, education, governance, consultancies in agriculture, horticulture, poultry, dairy and other allied occupations to open more employment avenues in subsidiary sectors. We have to trained available manpower in villages by bringing them in skill up gradation models as per the local requirements to charge the local economy.
Tourism is the other sector which could create 10 million jobs by involving people in PPP mode to lay down the infrastructure in the existing tourist spots and develop more attraction around the already crowded tourist spots. Indias share in international tourism is less than 2% whereas small countries like Dubai, Singapore ,Austria, Switzerland are getting more tourists than us. We have to be focused in this sector because We have many attractive places, hills, mountains, beaches,deserts,forests,religious places which could be developed as per world standards. Main tourists generating economies of the world like China, middle east, central and east asia are in the range of 4-6 hours aerial distance. We can develop Buddisht circuit in Himachal other than the existing one inBihar to show case Himalayas to Buddhist tourists.
We have enough resources in our country; if we make visionary and pragmatic business models as per the local needs we can do wonders. Our economic models are to be targeted to increase household consumption by economically empowering people so as to increase their purchasing power and increasing the level of services to raise the living standard of all .

-Umesh Gautam

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