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Himachal Pradesh: A Paradise for Photographers

Needless to say, Himachal has some breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, diversity in its rich

cultures and ‘life’, making it not just the perfect tourist destination but also a photographer’s


The Parvati Valley, Triund, Tea Gardens of Dharamshala, Kheerganga, Rohtang Pass, the

lofty mountains of Kinnaur, etc. There is no end to the landscapes that Dev-bhoomi has

to offer! Whenever in the mood for some landscape photography, head straight to




Incomparable are the landscapes of Himachal and so are the cultures and lives that it

nurtures. A walk through the interiors of Himachal is guaranteed to catch your artistic

eye and offer some extraordinary frames.

P.S.: Street photographers, you might also end up befriending a lot of localites. *smiles*



Okay. So, for beginners, Himachal has 33 wildlife sanctuaries, 2 national parks, 463 bird

species, 77 species of mammals, 436 species of aquatic fauna and MUCH MORE! With

that kind of wildlife one can go on photographing for months and years. What are you

waiting for?



Dear, Architecture-enthusiast- photographers, the neo-gothic structures of Gaiety

Theater, the Visceral Lodge in the state capital and the Kathkuni style of architecture

around the state has laid some finest foundations, only for your artistic soul!

Shimla -Indian Institute of Advanced Study IIAS or Viceregal Lodge-6


Himachal does not stop amazing you here; one can easily (with skill, of course), capture

the Milky Way from the higher ranges of Himalayas in the state. Amazing, right?!


After all we’ve told you, we hope you pack your bags, pick those cameras up and embark on a journey of a lifetime.

Also, do not forget to send us some of your amazing clicks from Himachal!






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