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Lobbying with mobbing ahead of elections

After the Congress MLA from Lahaul-Spiti Ravi Thakur said officials are not implementing the developmental programmes and even hinted at taking some extreme step, the state government today transferred Deputy Commissioner Vivek Bhatia and posted Deva Singh Negi as the new DC. Bhatia has been posted as the Director, Land Records, in place of Negi.
Deputy Commissioner Vivek Bhatia was under the protection of Chief Sectary VC Pharka from so many months that no action was taken against him. But after pressurising from the higher commands the action was taken against Vivek Bhatia.
Bhatia got charges for ignoring the public grievances and also taking the words of MLA Ravi Thakur in casual. Thakur on this note has given the threat to resign from the post.
Is it a drama or a conspiracy that before presenting resignation in front of the High command, MLA will ask the people of the party and the representatives of the panchayats. “Several times this issue has been raised in front of CM and Chief Secretary, but no action has been taken yet”, MLA said.
DC Vivek Bhatia has also asked to present in front of the Privilege Committee of the Himachal Pradesh Assembly, on which he has been summoned to the hearing on April 26.
However, Deputy Speaker Jagat Singh Negi is from Lahaul, but then also the action is not taken against him which directly shows that conspiracy was going on within the state.
Noted, Land Records Dev Singh Negi has been made the new DC of Lahaul-Spiti. Congress MLA ML Ravi Thakur had declared on Sunday that the DC does not believe in his talks and it is stuck to people’s work. He had said that he is under pressure from the public and that is why he has decided to resign.

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