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Minjar Fair

The Minjar Fair is held in Himachal Pradesh with great pomp and fanfare. Tourists throng the Chamba region at Himachal Pradesh during the Minjar Fair. It is a fiesta that brings into notice the rich cultural heritage of India. Numerous legends are associated with the Minjar Fair in Himachal Pradesh.

In the Minjar Fair people generally wear silk costumes and there is always a stalk of Minjar attached to it. They offer their prayers to the Laxmi Narayan Temple and celebrate throughout the week. The stalk of Maize symbolizes their faith in God and also indicates their expectation of a good harvest.

During the Minjar Fair, sweets, fruits and money are sent to friends and relatives. The immersion ceremony follows the Puja. This is marked by a grand procession.

In this impressive procession the Raghuvir Verman idol along with other gods and goddesses are taken in Palanquins for immersion in the river. As a mark of reminiscence a flag, known as Shahi Flag, is taken back home.

Time for the celebration of Minjar Fair:

From the last Sunday of July, the Minjar Fair commences. It continues for seven days at a stretch and is a splendid carnival of Himachal Pradesh.

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