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New excise policy completely failed

As 90 percent of the liquor units remains unsold in the entire south zone comprising Solan, Sirmaur, Shimla and Baddi excise districts, the new excise policy has completely failed.
Now the Officers were seen re-appropriating the liquor units by reducing the number of vends and by added to the existing units had backfired.
Only two units were sold for Rs 27.82 crore in the first two rounds while the remaining five units failed to attract buyers. Vends worth about 50 crores were yet to be sold. In Sirmaur, Baddi and Shimla districts not even a single unit has been sold in the initial rounds. The officials were now re-appropriating the size of these units to attract buyers.
Additional Commissioner KK Sharma said they were hopeful of selling the remaining vends on March 29. The department was capable of running the vends on their own in case contractors tried to exert pressure by abstaining from the auctions as a number of public sector enterprises too bought a good chunk of the liquor, he added.
More than 700 vends in the state had been closed following apex court directions to do away with vends situated within a purview of 500 m from the state and the national highways.
Due to Licensees, nearly 50 businesses had been hit. They contended that instead of reducing the quota the current excise policy has affected an increase of approximately 30 percent in the form of 14.5 per cent in CL license fee, 14.9 per cent in Indian Made Foreign Liquor license fee and 15 per cent by way of service tax. This is excluding the increase in the basic license fee. As the shops selling more than 50 per cent of quota have been closed, the remaining vends cannot be expected to achieve sales targets of more than 200 percent.

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