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Old trend of annual auction taken

Failing in getting the desired result through the three-year policy in the auction, the Excise and Taxation Department has changed his policy and now the old trend of annual auctions will be taken.
Earlier officials were forced to conduct auctions every year and they had an added annoyance of auctioning the left-out barriers to new contractors while ensuring an increase in the revenue.
In the case of Parwanoo barrier, the contractor not only defaulted in paying monthly instalments but also gives in the work of collecting toll mid-way, which force the department to run its own for some time before auctioning it for the second time in a year about two years ago.
Additional Commissioner KK Sharma said the arrears of a contractor who discontinued after a year or two were difficult to be settled, the three-year policy discontinued and the annual system of auctions had been revived.
The policy appears to have got good results with the Parwanoo unit comprising three inter-state barriers fetching Rs 13.28 crore as against Rs 12.6 crore earned last year.
All four units of Sirmaur district — Behral, Menas, Gobindghat and Kala Amb — were auctioned in one-go last evening with a 27 per cent hike at Rs 17.42 crore, said Sharma. In Baddi, the officials could not auction the Deerowal unit as a single bid for Rs 10.61 crore, which was lower than the reserve price of Rs11.55 crore was received today.
Various barriers falling under the unit comprised Navagram, Deerowal, Gullerwala, Bagheri, Dhabota and Ratiyor. The second round of auctions will be conducted for it soon and this was the only left-out unit which could not be auctioned in the first round.

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