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Why Parents are alone in Shimla ??

Parents having offspring but still alone in Shimla .This is the issue of major concern as after growing up the children parents are alone. Reason behind this is lack of Information Technology sector in SHIMLA i.e no MNC ‘s are there in SHIMLA. After completing education every student wants to get job in MNC with good package. So they rush towards CHANDIGARH or DELHI NCR to get job. So parents are left alone.Nobody is there to take care of them. Many couples namely “MR. and MRS. ANCHAL”,”MR and MRS. CHADDA”,”MR. And MRS. LUTHRA” and many more couples are living alone in their old age without their offsprings as they are working out of shimla.MRS.CHADDA is suffering from major lungs diseases. She cannot evenmove without artificial oxygen supply. Her son is working in Noida. So he is unable to come to Shimla and take care of his mother…how alone and helpless are poor parents. Why do we desire to have children. So that in the old age they take care of us as we cared them in their childhood . So this should be taken into consideration by our HP government and IT sector should be established in Shimla as soon as possible…

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