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Sai Foods to introduce ready to eat Kangri Dham to India



An event was organised for the prelaunch of canned Kangri Dham at Rajender Palace, Baijnath to be made using technology introduced by C.S.I.R-I.H.B.T, while the production has been handed over to Sai Foods. Baijnath MLA Kishori Lal was also present there. Chief Guest Director of CSIR Dr Sanjay Kumar said that he is very happy & proud to introduce the traditional food of Himachal to India with Sai foods, it will empower people & give jobs to youth. He also said that many people don’t even know much about it & this was the main reason why CSIR wanted to spread it to all Indians.


Kangri Dham consists of a combination of lentil dominant dishes, starting with rajma, retta, mash dal and topped by khatta and ends with the mitha, the sweet rice. The best thing about ready-to-eat Kangri Dham will be it won’t have any kind of preservative in it.

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  1. ho we will get kangri dham and what is the cost of packing

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