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South Tyroll president hopes for autonomy to Tibet

With the hope to get realized the autonomy to Tibetan under Chinese sovereignty, The president of South Tyroll, Arno Kompatscher had a meeting with the Tibetan political leader Sikyong, Lobsang Sangay at Dharmshala.
Dr Arno Kompatcher comes to Dharamsala to attend the official Tibetan National Uprising Day function. His visit to Dharamsala was the fulfillment of a promise he made to Sikyong during their meeting in 2014 in South Tyroll.
Presiding over the occasion , Lobsang Sangay expressed heartfelt gratitude to South Tyroll for its continued support on the Tibet issue and for providing financial aid as well as intellectual and administrative guidance to the Tibetan administration and its staff.
“It’s a privilege and honour for us to have a person of your stature at this year’s annual commemoration. The fact that you are here will send a meaningful and powerful message of hope to Tibetans inside Tibet who continue to suffer untold injustices under the Chinese government,” he said.

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