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Spree to the Land of grapes Wine (Angoori)

Elevated with 3745m above sea level, Ribba is the most populous village in Kinnaur district.Also known for the abundance of Pine Nut or Chilgoza, Ribba is better known as Rirang and it is believed that the village got the name due to the plenty of Pine Nut as according to the local dialect.
Here Ri means Chilgoza (Pine nut) and Rang means Mountain peak. Ribba is famous for vineyards, apple orchards, grapes orchards and the grapes wine (Angoori). The parish is enclosed by pine trees and snow Peak Mountains. Situated 33 KM towards East from District head quarters Reckong Peo and was surrounded by lofty Kinner Kailash on the northern side. This, as well as another village Rispa, are known for their grapes orchards and the alcohol famous grape distilled from the vineyards of Ribba.

Here you can try local grape wine which is situated beside every home. Their own wine shop and machine help them to survive in winters. Mainly they produce the local brew Angoori made from a local variety of grapes called Rokh Dakhan and stock it for the winter months. They also have some of the best quality apricots, walnuts and apples grown here. The production is done at home locally. If you have your relative over there then you are lucky to convince a villager, as it will be great to take a walk around the village, see how they produce it at home and taste it.

Every village has their own deity same ribba folks have. Here the temple of Devta Kasuraj ji and Buddhist temple is famous for its historical importance. Kasuraj Ji Temple where both Hindu gods and Buddhist deities are worshipped is worth a visit. It would be good to get local’s help to look around the village.

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