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Swan women federation ensures continuity of watershed management project

After a span of 8 years, Rs 220-crore Swan River Integrated Watershed Management Project, funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency at Una district has finally completed.
Speaking on the occasion, Chief Project Director Dr Suresh said the project major objectives is to develop the catchment area of the Swan river in a manner that most of the rainwater got percolated into the groundwater or could be stored in water bodies for agriculture, fisheries, forestry and allied activities.
The land is the livelihood activities of rural folk that has been addressed by bringing in improvements in the fields of livestock rearing, poultry, agriculture, fisheries and the likes.
RK Dogra, Deputy Director of the Project, said the project was planned and implemented by way of participatory micro-planning at the ward and panchayat level, while socio-economic uplift of rural women was ensured under the project by the formation of about 500 women Self-Help Groups (SHGs), whose individual membership numbered almost 6,000.
The responsibility of ensuring the continuity of the project objectives was formally entrusted to Swan Women Federation.

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