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The Grandeur of Rain –
The bounty of nature, the braggle of drops
the driggle of creatures, and happiness of crops
Coming to cure earth’s lesion, Lets welcome rainy season
The season of romance, A vaganza of fusion
Soothing soil fragrance, Lets welcome rainy season
In India rainfall is the chief factor determining the economy. India lies in the sub tropical zone of the continent where rainfall arrives by end may. Westerns disturbance and the depression void created are one of the major reasons. In summers when sub continent gets heated a void depression is created, inorder to fulfill the depression moisture laden winds strikes the continent and bring heavy downpour at western and eastern ghats firstly hits Kerala by ending of May.
But we Indians look monsoon in the other way round. It is a season of romance where every couple enjoys bounty of nature , the sweathering wiggle and the love in air. Youth is very influenced by the season with a keen wait for tippary vali chai, pakode and a long drive. Undoubtedly the season has a grandure in itself where every drop of rain sooths the soil and bring back the Life with greenery and lush
Monsoon as:-
India falls in subtropical region of the world. Rain helps cultivation of various crops. The farmers are rewarded for their hard-work as rain provides the ultimate wholesome to the crops.Rainfall is also important for the overall economic growth of a country. The nation earns huge amount of foreign-exchange earnings by selling the surplus food-grains and fruits are exported.
After the scorching heat the mother earth is the endowed with the drizzles of rain with the grayish blue sky and foggy weather adding a feather in the beauty and glory of our mother earth.
Everything in the world has a good and bad impact on our lives, similarly Monsoon do has certain negative points like breeding of flies, dengu, malaria , dysentery are major problems suffered in the monsoon season by the people. Heavy down pour leads to Humidity in the air and dirty ponds, lakes etc. . Infact in hilly region we need not to tours much because of land slides and uneven road.
The rains gives us the dark and deary beauty, with the certain ambiguity
blessing the nature with allurence, pacifying the earth from great endurance
whatever may be the reason , Let’s celebrate the rainy season……..

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