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Thousands of Devotees visit Bala Sundri Shrine on Chaitra Navratras

Every year thousands of Pilgrims from Haryana and Himachal Pradesh thronging the premises of the Bala Sundri Shrine lies 17 km from Nahan and about 6 km from Kala Amb to offer their reverences to the Goddess and enjoy the festive ambience.

Renowned for its fairs and festival, the shrine is easily accessible by roads and dedicated to Goddess Durga. The main temple is the abode of Bhagwati Tripur Bala Sundri and depicts the childhood façade of the deity.
A huge colourful gate welcomes all pilgrims to the renowned temple of Bala Sundari. En route to the main temple, tourists can also worship at Dhyanu Bhakt Temple. Most pilgrims prefer to leave their vehicles at this gate and walk up to the temple singing hymns and prayers dedicated to Goddess Durga.

Pilgrims visiting Bala Sundari Temple also flock to a natural cave temple of Lord Shiva. This cave temple contains geographical formations of stalactites and stalagmites and overlooks the ruins of the baradari (audience hall) and palace of Lehna Singh Majitha the governor of Kangra valley during the reign of the Sikhs.

As the legend goes, a fierce battle was fought between foes of a Mughal general named Ghulam Quadir Rahilla and local Rajputs. It is believed that just when the Rajputs were succumbing to a humiliating, a divine lady appeared on the scene and transformed their defeat into a resounding victory. The temple of Bala Sundri was built to commemorate this victory of Rajputs.

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