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Though we claim to be the wisest among all who had inhabitated this planet earlier because we have unfolded many secrets which remained mysterious for our predecessors but we have drawn the lines and set the mental barriers for how far we should think. We defined our world which includes family friends relatives, career and worldly possessions this limits our horizon of thinking. Lord Krishana in the sacred GITA has said that knowledge is the greatest virtue which is accumulated by Karma(deeds you do over the years) and when you focus your thinking for the betterment of Humanity then thought start flowing with the grace of almighty and it seems if someone is dictating you to think so. You start finding the solutions to the problems being faced by others.
We have divided ourselves in geographical, linguistic, religious, racial and economic boundaries and are concerned about our own betterment at the cost of others. The governments are judged on the basis of economic growth rates achieved .The government are extending their influences over the world with the eye on the economic interest which force them to follow the political agenda in those countries by the network of foreign offices and non state players maintained and this often lead to the hurt of national pride and leads to conflict. These conflicts take the bigger dimensions leading at times to civil wars, military intervention and grouping of the countries in to trade blocks or fierce enmity. In today’s world when we have all instruments of devastation at the distance of the click of button which could translate in to annihilation of life, where are the thinkers, good statesmen, community leaders, religious preachers with a common concern. What could bind the world now together is the common threats emanating from outside or the concern for the betterment of all in the world by coming under the aegis of World government.
The common threat perception to the world is-Aliens, terrorism, civil wars and internal strife causing millions of death and migrations, Changing environment, superbugs or the sudden birth of dangerous bacteria ,cosmic threats like collusion of heavenly bodies, Natural disaster, Nuclear threats, space wars etc.
Now is the time when for promoting conflict free world we all have to devise a model where we can provide meaningful and peaceful life to all world citizen by forming a world government patterned on the lines of United nations. Here the aspirations of individual countries and their individuality is to be maintained and their present government will continue to govern the country. They will have all the rights on their natural resources. The first work of the world govt. will be to demilitarise the world and destroy all the nuclear and other arms keeping only those which could be required for inter planetary conflicts under the unified command. The world govt. has to promote a economic policies which promote growth in all the countries. The international trade is to be so promoted that all the countries gain on their resource base by coming under the world govt. Economic gains can bind all together because coming threats are difficult to handle individually. Every country has a potential to be economic power house if the plans are drawn by taking world a one unit for the mutual benefit of all and regional trade blocks for the mutual benefit. Only those economic activities will be promoted in the individual country where they have comparative advantages over others and the products which are not their speciality should be imported from other countries. The world resources are to be used for the benefit of humanity. The cut in military expenditure are to be used for the recharging of economies. World class technologies are to be made available to developing countries to promote employment and living standards of the people.
Education is the main thrust area where we should promote the values, and modern scientific outlook in the students. Education has to be compulsory and accessible to all.
What should be the model of the government which could satisfy the aspiration of all world citizens. This issue is to be debated in the universities, think- tanks, governments and world bodies which are working in finance and social sectors in international arena.
Even if it does not appear to be the urgency but we should keep the studies on because in the present world uncertainties could translate into possibilities anytime. To start with we should ask the governments to nominate their representative from political, social, finance and military to the world constituent assembly where the idea could be discussed and elaborated and agreed upon for further discussions in the countries concerned. The debate could also be initiated in the general session of united nations.

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