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Vineet Chowdhry disproves benefit claims

All chief secretary-level benefits to petitioner IAS officer Vineet Chawdhry has given, said Himachal Pradesh government to CAT. But on another side, Vineet Chawdhry denied receiving any of these.
The tribunal asked him to file an appeal in this regard. Chowdhry is expected to file an application in the coming days. The tribunal has now sought replies from all parties concerned on April 24.
In the last hearing, CAT asked the government to give Chowdhry equivalent post to that of Chief Secretary (CS) deteriorating which the present Chief Secretary VC Pharka be restrained from exercising his powers.
1982 batch IAS officers, Sanan and Chowdhry, jointly challenged the decision of the state government to appoint Pharka as Chief Secretary by “superseding four of his seniors.”
Meanwhile, Sanan retired during the pendency of the case.

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